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Issue 103


All of our issues are timeless, the stories and issues will be a relevant in ten years as they are now. We make them as a document to moments in time that will resinate forever.

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Issue 103

New England - With Brian Nevins

New Zealand - With Mark McInnis, Dane Gadauskas, Pete Devries and Noah Cohen

Cornwall - An outsiders perspective

East Anglia - Dan Crockett and Jack John

Isolation tales from - India, Indonesia, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and Marocco Land Sea Sky And as always and Epic Gallery

We are a reader supported journal, which means out of the 124 pages every quarter, only 10 of those pages will be adverts, from a couple of trusted partners. We also only deliver direct to your door, no distribution to newsstand which makes it efficient when it comes to printing, thus we can give you guys who really appreciate long form interesting features and the world's best surf photography the best possible deal. We are UK based, we are focused on Northern Europe, but cover issues and travel globally. Our soul is surfing, our heart adventure and our minds are focussed on helping to protect our Environment.

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