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Welcome to our temporary home. We did try and incorporate our 100 issue archive into our shopify site, but it didn't work, so we are re-building the site to house all issues and that will be live soon. This is our back issue site, there are no new subs available at the moment.

Thanks for your support, it has been a rocky couple of years and the full story of how we brought The Path back to life is below. 

Four or so years ago during a re-adjustment in the publishing world, TSP's 100th edition was its last.

It was a sad day for a much loved title that had such a strong readership, and told stories around the world of surfing which are sorely missed. Since then nothing has really come along to take its place on a regular basis in Europe, yet it's philosophy has been smouldering along in the hearts of many people. 

So when the opportunity arose to resurrect the title, it made perfect sense to a small group of us. The Path is returning with the same ideas, a focus on the fringes of mainstream surfing, with a love for adventure and a strong desire to use both to help promote ideas about the environment.

Print though has changed, it is still much loved by more than a few people, but the old models are on the wain. So we are coming back as a purely reader supported publication. We will be available in a few select shops around Europe, but we most definitely will not be on any newsstands. We're also not going to be reliant on advertising, whilst we are sure to work with some partners to help us along the way, The Path won't have an ad guy, not even a rate sheet. 

Simply, we are about producing a quarterly digital escape, for what is probably not a huge niche, but one that appreciates the quality and time spent on a long read, one that prefers the tactile back and forth of reading a magazine.

We are your antidote to the digital surfing world, there are already many places you can consume all of this, we're just going to present new ideas, stories and adventures in the most beautiful way possible. 

We hope you will enjoy what we're doing. 

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