The Surfer's Path

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Why did we bring the magazine back?

We want to create something that doesn't exist in digital, something that is both tactile and true to The Path's original philosophy. Long reads that can be poured over for more than a few minutes, and photos from the world's best in all their print glory.

We want to be a breath of fresh air away from your daily digital grind.

TSP is the place to escape to without being glued to a screen. You won't find the latest news, the latest clip, the latest branded piece of content here. Other great mags already do this really well both in print and online. 

What you will find is in-depth stories from the people and places who are on the fringe or beyond the gaze of mainstream surfing. Our digital surfing streams of information and content are incredible, but somewhere we have lost something, and The Path is going to be your window into this world. 

We are going to be un-ashamedly premium. We are here to be kept for a lifetime of revisiting tales, and moments of photographic wonder. We know we're not for the masses, but we are here for surfers of all ages who want to go a little deeper, a little further, and escape into pages for hours on end. 

The mag only exists for you though, it won't be on newsstands, it is a fully reader supported publication hence why we need you to subscribe. We are going to have a few partners, but they are limited. 

We are a small team at the moment, so please bare with us as we grow.

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